Join us for Worship on Sundays at 10:30am.  

Here are some things you might want to know!

Upon arrival you will be greeted, asked to sign in (for contact tracing), provided a mask if you don’t have one and offered a bulletin which outlines the day’s service.

You are welcome to sit wherever you feel comfortable (note: at present some pews are blocked off to encourage physical distancing).

There is an accessible entrance on the east side of the building.

Services usually last around 1 hour.

If you are attending with young people, you may want to sit at the front on the side with the piano as there is a “Pray Ground” area set up there for toddlers and preschoolers to play with toys while still being a part of the service.  

If you are attending with slightly older children there is a small table set up behind the main pews where they can colour or look at books.  

If you need to step out from the service you can head back to the north entrance and head downstairs.  The washrooms are diagonally across the basement.

Most weeks there is Sunday school for anyone who wants to attend.  The Worship leader will start the service and about 10-15 minutes in there is usually a Children’s Time and then the young people can head downstairs for Sunday School.  Sunday School is different each week: sometimes it’s story and craft, sometimes it’s baking, sometimes it’s outside, sometimes it’s singing.  But it always includes a snack so please let the greeter know if your child will be attending Sunday School and has any dietary or other needs.

After the service you are welcome to stick around to visit in the Sanctuary.  Unfortunately at this time we are not offering coffee and tea post worship.

If you have any other questions please reach out to hello@standrewslumsden.com!